I had had the same Internet Service Provider for 13 years when that facility was cut off abruptly. It was a distressing time for me as my only point of contact with my business is my website. I was speaking to Reid Tregoning, knowing that he was techie when he very kindly said “I can help you with all of that”. Well, you could have heard my sigh of relief across the state. So within a day we had the process underway. It took a little bit of time because as it would become apparent, the provider I had put up with for all that time really wasn’t providing a quality service. Not only did Reid bring all of my ‘stuff’ up to scratch, he was so kind and understanding during my small bouts of panic and then anger at what had been forced onto me. As they say, there is a gift in everything. Reid has completely transformed my online presence. I highly recommend Reid should you be looking for an IT person who not only knows what he’s doing, he also brings buckets and spades of kindness into the mix for those that don’t understand what’s going on.

Amanda Foyster

Amanda Foy ~ The emotional strength trainer